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The one I decided to use is by Adam Milazzo and is described [here]( in a great comparison of different fov algorithms with well commented code samples.
### A Better Map Generator and Reducing Coupling
I started thinking about what kind of maps I want in the future.
The current maze and cave maps are fine while testing, but they quickly get very boring.
I created a map viewer to help me visualize what changes I want to make and so I could see where I need to decouple structs and methods.
The map viewer is essentially a minimal implementation of the menu trait with controls to generate maps with different parameters.
By creating a second program that implements this minimal functionality I found a lot of places where a struct or method required parameters that were actually unecessary or should be split into multiple methods.
After playing with the map view for a while I decided that I want a map generator similar to the one that brogue uses where it generates various types of rooms, connects them, adds extra paths, and features.
## Past Week
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